You never want to “surprise” your meter with a higher load than it’s scaled for or you can burn the fuse or damage it. If you’re measuring a aa, then set your multimeter to 2v. If you’re unsure of the voltage, the best thing to do is start at the highest scale to find the approximate value of the voltage. In this exercise you can either choose to measure the voltage of your car battery or a household aa. You use continuity just like you do resistance but it speeds up the process of testing many wires or fuses because you don’t have to keep looking for a reading. Most multimeters are not autoranging so you have to set it to the range you expect to measure. If you get your blacks and reds mixed up, it’s no big deal. You’re going to connect your multimeter in series with the circuit, so touch one of the probes to the negative battery terminal and the other probe to the disconnected negative cable lying nearby. Never touch the bulb with your bare hands because the natural oils from your skin will cause the glass to overheat and reduce the life of your bulb.

Sometimes it’s part of the resistance settings and with other meters it’s a separate function. Now why do we have to use different voltage scales for the car battery versus the aa. Plug the black probe into the com jack and the red one into the mavΩ one webcam adult chat free belfast . A multimeter is a very handy tool that can help you pinpoint electrical problems, save money on repairs, and also help you install aftermarket parts and accessories the right way so you don’t end up overloading your system or having to deal with headaches down the road. This protects your multimeter from damage since it has an internal battery that’s used to create a current through the circuit or device being tested. This completes the circuit and the current passes through the multimeter which reads it and then displays the amp draw on the screen. This ensures your unit doesn’t receive a higher voltage than expected and safeguards it from getting damaged. Additional tips multimeters can be easily damaged or blow a fuse when testing a voltage or current that’s higher than expected so if you’re unsure always start with the highest scale and work down from there. Touching the resistor or the probe with your fingers can cause inaccurate readings due to your body absorbing current from the circuit.

It’s also useful for identifying parasitic battery drains and measuring power output of your alternator among other things. A headlight will often have 3 prongs or contacts – ground, low beam and high beam. Or maybe you’re tired of waking up to a dead battery that’s suffering from a parasitic drain of some 502 price in bangalore dating.
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